Samtenling school

Samtenling monastery school’s name is Mahayana Buddhist progressive education center. It was established in 1980 and has been continuing for twenty-seven years to the needy and poor young monks of remote area of Tibet and Nepal. The original benefactor for the school, who provided the financial means to be able to construct a school building was Rev. Terayama, since the school’s establishment, until now, he has continued to offer his unstinting financial support. For this reason, we are eternally in his debt and will be forever grateful. There are roughly a hundred monks at the monastery. What we aim to do at the school is to provide something of a comtemporary, secular education for the needy young monks. On the basis of this education some of the monks will later go on to other Institutions for further studies within the Tibetan community, such as the monasteries of Drepung, Sera, Gaden in south India, Central institute of Higher Tibetan Studies, and the Institute of Buddhist Dialectics School, Dharmsala. Currently our ten monks are studying in these institutions for further education. In our monastery school (MBPEC) students first learn the basic things of Tibetan, English, and Nepali languages that is, how to read and write in these subjects. They, then use it as a basis to go on the study its major subjects like history and composition, etc.
We are never able to devote, as much time to education as truly deserves. The reason for this is that the monastery’s chief role is only on the performance of prayers and ritual activities for the community. These activities, as well as the works for preservation and passing on to the monastery traditions to the younger monks to take up much of our time. Yet, we feel very gratified that we are in a position to offer some sort of modern education to the needy young monks and feel that the humbler amount that we are able to provide to them has been tremendiously helpful. And of course we are in a position to offer this education solely due to the kindness of you, our benefactors. Without your kind help, it would be impossible.

Class and Courses
We have been going through the same courses of study of our previous great master had practised and underataken. For instance, at the initial stage, young monks have to memorize and practise all the prayers and ritual activities and Tibetan, English and Nepali languages are taught from the primary to the senior level. At present, we have four different classes i.e. Senior, Intermediate, Junior, and primary. Classes start from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.,  five days a week. We regard Buddhism as one of the most important subject for every monk. Hence, senior students are having Buddhist philosophy. The students learn science of Buddhist debate. After completion of these studies, students are sent to the three great monastic universities of Gelukpa (south India), (CIHTS) Tibetan university at Sarnath, Varanasi, Institute of Buddhist Dialectics School, Dharamsala and the Chakpori Medical School, Darjeeling for further studies, according to their desires. At last, we would like to say that Samtenling School is trying to provide both ancient and modern education with better quality and facility.