We do celebrate official and unofficial Programs. Especially we celebrate the official festivals and also others in general. During the official festivals, whole Tibetan community living in Kathmandu valley and from outside come to attend in the monastery to celebrate the festival. We have been trying to contribute as much as we can since 1970.

For instance, preparing and arranging musical instruments, like Trumpets and others and also offering incense prayers and to welcome and enthrone H.H. Dalai lama’s portrait on his every birth anniversary i. e.6th July and on 10th December (on which His Holiness was awarded Nobel Prize for peace in 1989) and on 2nd September (The Tibetan Democracy day). After completing the religious activities, students from Namgyal high school and Songtsen high school sing the Tibetan victorious songs. At last various groups of Tibetan community organize group dance, which is regarded as auspicious for Tibetans. Since last few years, Nepali government has started to permit us to do these celebrations. Hence, we are always grateful for the great support. As such, may all readers be well informed of these activities.